Nobody knows your home better than you!

You have lived in it, you’ve loved it, and you know every nook and delightful cranny. You know the special features that are not immediately obvious; like the three-phase power, or the fact that you were a builder and used your expertise to make your property unique and valuable. An agent’s job is to represent your home’s true value to buyers, but they won’t be able to do this if there are special features that you haven’t shared. Every piece of information that you provide to your agent, from the day-to-day features to the sentimental value that you place on your home, has a dollar value and helps your agent to convert potential to profit.

For example, you may have installed an oversized air-conditioning ducting system, meaning the whole house cools down quickly and the air-conditioning is more efficient. The finances that you have invested have resulted in reduced running costs, and therefore represent an ongoing saving for the buyer. Make sure you allow your agent to turn this into a selling point.

Every detail is worth mentioning as it just might be the feature that persuades the undecided buyer to make an offer on your home instead of the otherwise similar property they are considering. Make sure your agent knows about the soft-close drawer fittings you’ve installed in your kitchen, and the Calcutta marble or granite bench tops. Today’s buyers are savvy to quality materials thanks to reality TV renovation shows, and they know the the costs involved in renovating, so mentioning each and every feature has never been more worthwhile. If in doubt about whether something represents value – just tell your agent!

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