Inspections can have a huge first impression on a buyer. They are all about creating the right feeling and drawing an emotional response. Every home has features to be showcased and potential to be highlighted to prospective buyers.

Top agents know that buyers buy feeling. When potential buyers come to a home, they’re looking at how they can live and relax in the space. There is a certain ‘x’ factor involved. Anything that you can do to maximise aesthetic and a sense of comfort helps to enhance this, especially during the negotiation stage.

To create the right feeling, approach an open home as if you were hosting a BBQ or dinner party. When we are planning to host people in our home, we look over it with a critical eye for the benefit of our guests. To some extent we are looking to impress and so we become creative with furniture, decor and finishing touches. We pick right away what needs to go away out of sight.

Approach an open home with the same mindset. You’re about to entertain. You’re about to showcase your home and you want to make sure a buyer senses a positive ambience.

When your home is ready, and before the open commences, have a showcase rehearsal and walk through as if you were the purchaser. Pay attention to every sensory detail. In the middle of summer it’s a good idea to run the air conditioning for a while to take the heat out of the house and to cool it down. Fresh air and a sense of light is essential – open the windows and turn on all the light switches.

our agent is there to be the perfect host. A top agent will do what they can to make a buyer feel at home. They will encourage a buyer to imagine what it will be like if they lived there. Buyers need to feel what it is to live like you do.

Here is a real-life example of how important it is to create the right feeling on a negotiation. In this example the offer and desired price were $200,000 apart. On the final inspection, the agent sat with the buyers and called through to the sellers to ask if a bottle of wine could be taken from the fridge. The buyer was able to sit on the deck with a glass of wine to enjoy the ocean views. It gave the buyer a strong sense of positive connection with what every day life in the home could be like. They were inspired by the realisation that they could live like that for the rest of their lives. Needless to say, the purchase was secured!

Selling is about a transference of feelings; it is about creating an experience for the buyer, a vision of the future. Your agent is seeking to attract a buyer who will feel the way that you do about your home. Before you ‘open for inspection’, make sure your preparation guarantees the transference of positive feelings and showcases all that your home has to offer.

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