When it comes to selling property, many of us are hesitant to spend large sums of money on marketing campaigns. This is understandable when many agents take the same scattergun approach to marketing, regardless of the home that they are selling – often this means expensive half or full page advertisements which they hope will score a buyer. However – when it comes to marketing your property, bigger isn’t always better.

It’s actually all about focussing your aim. It is so important that marketing is targeted at the right people in the right way. The product being sold needs to match the needs of the buyers that are being targeted. You could rent a billboard to sell your property but if the content and photos don’t grab the attention of the right buyers then any money spent on advertising can be money wasted.

So here are our tips:

You need an agent with a good database
Look for an agent with an impressive list of confirmed buyers. Good agents will first conduct a one or two week VIP preview campaign before advising you to spend money on expensive marketing. This campaign allows the agent to market the property to established clients and prospective buyers who are active in the current market, and who are looking to buy right now. Such campaigns often yield offers and sales without the need for further marketing.

Marketing can enhance a sense of competition
The time to invest in marketing is when buyer interest is established. Rather than being fundamentally essential to the sale, marketing materials can ensure that interested buyers feel that they have competition and therefore prompt them to offer a little more. A little bit of healthy competition via strategic marketing can increase the final sale price.

Prepare a buyer booklet

Out of all of the potential marketing tools, a buyer booklet is an essential. Full of desirable photos and persuasive information, the booklet is something tangible that can be handed out or emailed to database buyers.

The only purpose of marketing is to find the right buyer. Marketing should not progress in a default manner but should be strategic and targeted. When marketing is managed by a skilled and well-connected agent, it is easier for the right buyer to see your property and act.

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